Online estimate calculator
Our online price calculator can give you rough estimates at your convenience (without having to send us samples) based on the information you provide for these services:
* Development (technical design, construction engineering)
* CAD Patterns
* Sample cutting & sewing
* Pre-production (marking & grading)


Estimates for development may include:

1) Technical Flat Sketches
2) Technical Design
3) Base size body standard
4) Pattern Making
5) BOM Creation
6) Specialist fabric sourcing
7) Sample Cutting & Sewing
8) Fit session
9) Fabric Selection
10) Fabric Yield
11) Specialist "send out" management

Development estimates require the following:
1) Letter size swatches of fabrics you are using for the design being sampled
2) A product sample for every style being developed (even if it's very rough and needs changes)
3) If you are developing more than one style, designate a style number to each item
4) If you have a pattern, let us see it so that we can check that it conforms to industrial assembly requirements


Estimates for pre-production may include:

1) Grading specification
2) Grading rule set-up
3) CAD Pattern Grading (Only for patterns in PAD System V5 format)
4) Markers
5) Fabric & Trim allocations
6) Production fabric shrinkage testing

Pre-production estimates require the following:
1) Sample by Unlimited Design Services
2) CAD Pattern in PAD System V5 format (marking & grading)
3) BOM
4) Markers require anticipated quantity itemized by size and color for each style