Are you new to clothing manufacture?
Launching a clothing line can be very rewarding and profitable and we highly recommend that you already have a business plan in place (before you start developing product) as it is NOT REALISTIC to expect profitability the first year in business,[iframe]
Before you are ready to develop samples, there is a steep learning curve to understanding apparel manufacture that needs to be addressed in order to give you the best chances of succeeding,[iframe]
The clients who benefit the most from our services are those who have a good understanding of standard industry practice and need quick solutions tailored to met the specific needs of their company,[iframe]
The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacture,Books
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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing

This book is good for new brands because:
It was written for people who may not have an Apparel Manufacture background
What we like most about this book:
It provides detailed information on the development and production process for industrial application (not home sewing)
Kathleen Fasanella
Fashion for Profit,Books
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Fashion for Profit (book series)

This book is good for new brands because:
It was written for people who may be new to the Apparel Industry
What we like most about this book:
It covers most general areas of setting up a Fashion Manufacture business but the option to purchase each chapter as needed (downloadable ebook) is a great option for people who may find the entire series of books overwhelming
Frances Harder
The Vendor Compliance Handbook,Books
The Vendor Compliance Handbook

This book is good for new brands because:
It has great illustrations and clear explanations of all the information factories need to execute product requests
What we like most about this book:
Regardless of what the title suggests, this book is a great tool to plan and anticipate the level of information required by sample makers and factories
David Secul & Illustrations by Carlos Aponte
Fashion Incubator,Resources
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Fashion Incubator

The most comprehensive source of factual information on the more technical aspects or running an apparel manufacture business
Fashion Business Incorporated,Resources
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Fashion Business Incorporated

Non for profit organization offering it’s members consultancy and networking opportunities in the apparel industry
Maker’s Row,Resources
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Maker’s Row

Introduction service connecting American Factories with apparel and furniture brands
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