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Unlimited Design Services started in 1998 as one of the first online CAD pattern service providers
From the opening of a London office in 2002 to establishing our own USA factory in 2008, we owe our existence to the support and trust our loyal clients have placed on us over the years

  1. Re-launch of Unlimited Design Services.com!

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    UDS re-launch-2015

    Irreconcilable differences with USA Sewing Factory self appointed CEO provide an opportunity to return to the level of excellence clients have come to expect from Unlimited Design Services as a separate company operating independently from USA Sewing Factory

    With a new focus on utility, contemporary apparel and wearable technology integration

  2. Unlimited Design Services outgrows it's location for the 3rd time

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    3rd move 2014

    We moved to a 7 000 sq foot shared location with Ark Apparel where we launch USA Sewing Factory as one venture

  3. We outgrow our location for the 2nd time

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    2nd move 2010

    We moved to a 3 000 sq foot location at a more convenient location for our clients and increase production capacity

  4. We outgrow our location in less than a year

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    Moving after outgrowing location 2009

    Unafected by the economic downturn, we outgrow our location in less than a year and increase sampling capacity

  5. Unlimited Design Services.com finds a home!

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    USA Branch location 2008

    We open our first location in the USA just as the worst of the economic downturn is getting started

  6. Unlimited Design Services USA Article Apparel News

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    Opening 2007

    Apparel News runs a story about the opening of our USA office

  7. Unlimited Desing Services opens in London UK

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    UK Branch 2002

    Our London office is launched as part of a Fashion Incubator in London

  8. Unlimiteddesign.net is launched

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    First website launch 1998

    That was our first website in the 90s!

    At a time where dial-up modems were the norm and hardly anyone had an email address

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